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    Datanet offers comprehensive solutions, including security, surveillance, access control, and network infrastructure. With cutting-edge technology and expert implementation, we empower businesses with seamless integration and reliable performance to meet their diverse needs.

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    Datanet provides expert services including project management, preventive maintenance, system consultation, and project design. With meticulous planning and professional execution, we ensure seamless implementation and ongoing support to optimize our clients' operations.

DataNet's Certifications and Awards

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Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB)

The Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) and its license are crucial for Datanet as they validate our competency and credibility in the construction industry. Holding a PCAB license signifies compliance with industry standards and regulations, instilling confidence in clients and ensuring that our projects meet stringent quality and safety requirements, thereby fostering trust and reliability in our services.

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Dangal ng Bayan Award

Dangal ng Bayan” recognition is essential for Datanet as it signifies acknowledgment and appreciation from the Filipino people for our contributions to the nation. This prestigious award reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility, enhancing our reputation and credibility. It serves as a testament to our dedication to serving the community and inspiring trust among clients, partners, and stakeholders in our endeavors.

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Philippine Integrated Fire Protection Organization (PIFPO)

Datanet membership in the Philippine Integrated Fire Protection Organization (PIFPO) is paramount as it signifies our commitment to adhering to industry standards and best practices in fire protection. Being part of PIFPO provides access to the latest developments and advancements in fire safety, ensuring that our solutions and services are at the forefront of protecting lives and properties. Additionally, it fosters networking opportunities and collaborations within the fire protection community, enhancing our capabilities and credibility in delivering effective fire safety solutions to our clients.

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For Datanet, affiliation with CRIF is invaluable as it grants access to comprehensive credit information and risk management solutions. CRIF’s data and analytics empower us to make informed decisions, assess creditworthiness, and mitigate financial risks effectively. By leveraging CRIF’s expertise, we enhance our ability to serve clients, optimize business operations, and maintain financial stability, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive market landscape.

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D&B (Dun & Bradstreet)

For Datanet, having a D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) accreditation is vital as it demonstrates our financial stability, reliability, and credibility to clients, partners, and stakeholders. This accreditation provides valuable insight into our company’s financial health and creditworthiness, instilling trust and confidence in our ability to deliver quality services and solutions. It enhances our reputation in the marketplace, facilitates business opportunities, and strengthens our position as a trusted and dependable partner in the industry.


About Our Company

Datanet Electronic Enterprise is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in the Philippines. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge systems and services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously exceed expectations, empowering businesses through seamless integration and superior performance.


Datanet Electronic Enterprise specializes in Security solutions, providing robust measures to safeguard businesses and properties.

Life and Safety

We prioritized Life and Safety solutions, ensuring the protection of people and assets.

ICT Solutions

Our expertise in cyber security ensures robust protection against threats, while our power management solutions guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Cyber Security

We can rest assured you that your digital assets are protected from cyber threats, ensuring the continuity and integrity of your operations.

Power Management

Our expertise extends to power monitoring, surge protection, and backup solutions, providing peace of mind during power fluctuations or outages.

DataNet's Service

Empowering your business through Integration

Project Management and Implementation

From planning to execution, we ensure efficient coordination and timely completion. Trust us for precision, professionalism, and successful outcomes.

System Consultation

We offer strategic guidance and recommendations to optimize your systems and achieve your goals. Trust us to deliver tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and drive success for your organization.

Preventive Maintenance & Support Services

We provides proactive services to ensure the continuous performance and reliability of your systems. With regular inspections and responsive assistance, we keep your operations running smoothly.

Project Design and Built

From concept to completion, we meticulously plan and execute projects to meet your specifications. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and expertise, delivering high-quality solutions on time and within budget.


Our Recently Completed Projects

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